AVCHD video processing

I recently bought a Canon HF100 and I’m facing the challenge of video conversion.

The format is too new and it is not widely supported. Even the software that Canon supplies is not very useful.

In order to be able to watch/edit the clips, the MTS files can be transformed to MKV, AVI, MOV… For that I’m playing with FFMPEG built from sources on Ubuntu.

Also, I’m trying to convert the clips to 720p and to DVD format.

Idea starts at http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5223369&postcount=14 but check next 2 for deinterlace and DVD conversion.

In order to download and compile FFMPEG:

More information:

Which is based on post:

Other posts suggest “mencode” for conversion/transcoding.

Finally, I still need to test this other promising solution not based on FFMPEG.


  • The promising solution didn´t work for me so I´m trying another approach found in the comments section (link)


  • Eugenia is amazing: this tutorial for Sony Vegas is great. Vegas works pretty well even if your computer is not that powerful. I will be using Vegas to create 720p Vimeo-ready backups of my videos
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